Wood Burning Class uses Magic Whiteboard

May 2, 2012

Here at Magic Whiteboard we love hearing about new ways our customers are using our dry erase sheets.  We just got this picture back from a wood burning class Cynthia Gibson put on at King Arthur’s Tools woodworking studio in Tallahassee, FL.  Cynthia taught her students how to create beautiful works of art by burning designs into pieces of wood.

The makeshift studio Cynthia used for her class of 12 did not include any type of whiteboard or flip chart, but Magic Whiteboard saved the day!  Cynthia was able to roll out two Magic Whiteboard dry erase sheets and place them on the wall, and she demonstrated design ideas and techniques on the Magic Whiteboard sheets all day.

Cynthia, thanks for sending this picture of your students in action. We’re so glad to see you putting your Magic Whiteboard sheets to good use!