A Great Review from Robin Patterson an Elementary School Teacher at Carillon Elementary in Orlando, Fl.


I have to tell you how much I love Magic Whiteboard.

I am teaching the same units in Science to four different classes. I also lost a large portion of my front whiteboard, due to an interactive whiteboard using up much of the space. That front board real estate is so valuable. Rather than having to leave information posted on it, I found I was able to use one sheet of the Magic Whiteboard. I posted instructions or required elements of an assignment, during instruction, and then move it to the wall, so I did not have to leave it on the coveted whiteboard space. I could refer to it during the 4 weeks that each specific group of kids was with me. When the next group came in weeks later, I put the sheet back on the board and went over it with the new class. It saved time and space. Not to mention, it kept the information being communicated consistent between the four different classes. I have never taught the same material to multiple classes in the same school year. The use of Magic Whiteboard assures that all students are receiving, and being held accountable for, the same work product. Magic Whiteboard helped me be more organized and helped me be certain I had given the exact same instructions to each class. I loved generating lists and brainstorming with my kids, using a sheet. I found it easier to move and use in the classroom. It was very kid friendly, unlike chart paper, which rips and gets creased, or rolls on the edges. I also loved that the kids could dry erase it, and reuse it. WOW! I spend so much money every year on consumable materials. It’s nice to know that you can get your money’s worth on a product which is so versatile.
I can’t thank you enough, or make you realize just how much you helped me this school year.

Robin Patterson

Carillon Elementary, Seminole County


Author: Robin Patterson
Product: Magic Whiteboard