Magic Whiteboard Product Reviews

Review from a participant at the National American Society of Training and Development Conference

George- Tulsa, OklahomaSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

The product works great.   It is very helpful not to have to drag the board around from facility to facility.  I love the fact that it is erasable.  We are going to get rid of our easle holders and free up some space in the training rooms.

Isabella Wallace

Isabella WallaceSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

This stuff transforms any surface into temporary whiteboard! Tables, walls, doors #innovativeclassroom


A Great Review from Robin Patterson an Elementary School Teacher at Carillon Elementary in Orlando, Fl.

Robin Patterson
Product: Magic Whiteboard


I have to tell you how much I love Magic Whiteboard.

I am teaching the same units in Science to four different classes. I also lost a large portion of my front whiteboard, due to an interactive whiteboard using up much of the space. That front board real estate is so valuable. Rather than having to leave information posted on it, I found I was able to use one sheet of the Magic Whiteboard. I posted instructions or required elements of an assignment, during instruction, and then move it to the wall, so I did not have to leave it on the coveted whiteboard space. I could refer to it during the 4 weeks that each specific group of kids was with me. When the next group came in weeks later, I put the sheet back on the board and went over it with the new class. It saved time and space. Not to mention, it kept the information being communicated consistent between the four different classes. I have never taught the same material to multiple classes in the same school year. The use of Magic Whiteboard assures that all students are receiving, and being held accountable for, the same work product. Magic Whiteboard helped me be more organized and helped me be certain I had given the exact same instructions to each class. I loved generating lists and brainstorming with my kids, using a sheet. I found it easier to move and use in the classroom. It was very kid friendly, unlike chart paper, which rips and gets creased, or rolls on the edges. I also loved that the kids could dry erase it, and reuse it. WOW! I spend so much money every year on consumable materials. It’s nice to know that you can get your money’s worth on a product which is so versatile.
I can’t thank you enough, or make you realize just how much you helped me this school year.

Robin Patterson

Carillon Elementary, Seminole County


Oprah Winfrey Network Reviews Blackout Blinds

Oprah Winfrey NetworkSource
Product: Blackout Blinds

Watch the Magic Blackout Blinds best buy nomini on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

“My Springfield Mommy” Blog

My Springfield MommySource
Product: Magic Blackboard

  • “I have been using the Magic Blackboard in my house. We love it. We use it for my 5 year old’s daily chore list, plus he loves to doodle on it. We use it with the Magic Blackboard Chalk Markers, which write great and erase without any problems”
  • “It really sticks well, ours has been on the refrigerator for several days and been erased daily and we have had no problems with it coming off. Yet, it comes off easily when I want it too and I can re-stick it when and were I want! Plus, I can cut it down to fit whatever size or shape I desire! So many uses, so many places!”
  • “I am very impressed with the Magic Blackboard and if the rest of the Magic Whiteboard Products work as well as these do, they would be an assets to businesses, schools, homes and other groups/individuals to use during presentations, training and brainstorming sessions, plus those constantly changing lists, schedules, menus and such–or as a fun place for your child to “practice” their creative talents!”


Product: Magic Whiteboard

Here a college student from Startup Weekend Tallahassee gives a 41 second testimonial on Magic Whiteboard. Good review.

Startup Weekend Spokane

Startup Weekend SpokaneSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

This was a follow up email w/ the director of Startup Weekend Spokane, who brought in 5 rolls of Magic Whiteboard for their groups to use:

The weekend went great. Your product worked really well for our venue. We would have had no room for dry erase boards. We used the windows and the walls. It was great. I will contact you in the fall, if not sooner, for another order.

“Katydid Country” Blog

Katydid CountrySource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

  • “As the Quiz Bowl teams were about to compete, the judges needed a score board that everyone could see. Someone found a whiteboard but no easel. They stood the whiteboard up on a large trash can. I wish I had taken the Magic Whiteboard. I think I may start keeping a sheet in the glove box of the car. That way I always have one in case of emergency.”
  • “Something else that intrigued me about the Magic Whiteboard is that pictures magically stick to it. No need to use adhesive or push pins. Just place the picture on the whiteboard and it clings.”
  • “This year I found a new product that I’m excited about. Magic Whiteboard is great for school, home, church, or just about anywhere.”

“Moody Mommy Says” Blog

Moody Mommy SaysSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

  • “Trent has been enjoying the Magic Whiteboard and has spent hours drawing on it. I love that the Magic Whiteboard sticks anywhere and that it doesn’t damage my walls. Trent enjoys being able to erase his drawings so he can use the same “paper” over and over again.”
  • “If you use a whiteboard in your home or office, Magic Whiteboard would be a great product for you. If you have a little artist at home like I do, the Magic Whiteboard is a perfect way for them to express their creativity.”

“Faith and Family Reviews” Blog

Faith and Family ReviewsSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

  • “Speaking of whiteboard markers, drawing, art and the Magic Whiteboard have been lifesavers for me during times I need to get work done.”
  • “It works great for keeping little boys busy too. What do you think, is it a keeper? I would have to agree!”
  • “It is portable so setting up a whiteboard on the go never got any easier. The surface wipes off really well and is completely reusable.”

“Burning Moon Products” Blog

Burning Moon ProductsSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

  • Swan reviewed the Magic Whiteboard and found it most useful way to leave “nice friendly daily reminders and notes” to her husband. She also plans on using it in their new home where she plans to create a small learning area.
  • “I have enjoyed using this product & would like to use some of their other products as well.”

71 Proof

71 ProofSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

@KKPStweets @magicstaticwb #greatnessinaction —> I was like a kid on Christmas!!

Concept Creative Grp

Concept Creative GrpSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

Thanks to @kkpstweets, I can really get my @magicstaticwb overnight :D! I’ll be using it with/for @71ProofCCG and @LWhiteMBA_SBI activities

Stefanie Slater

Stefanie SlaterSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

Head over to @MagicStaticWB You will LOVE their products! Great for kids and adults!, Chris Domkoski

Chris DomkoskiSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

“This removable white board is really simple to use. I bought it for meetings but as I’ve found out it’s also great for parties and kids love to play with it. It comes in a roll so if you need a larger surface to write on just pull out and extra sheet or 2. It attaches to the wall with static and never leaves any marks on the wall behind it. Super easy and if I ever need more I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this again.”

Useful Unique Tweets

Useful Unique TweetsSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

This makes me want to break out my markers! @MagicStaticWB NEAT idea! #Useful #organizing, Aaron Douglas

Aaron DouglasSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

I ordered this product along with the National Brand Write-on sheets, and for my purposes the Magic Whiteboard was a superior product. Both products are a whiteboard-like film that attaches to walls (or any flat surface probably) via static, but the MW comes in a roll (like cling-wrap) whereas the National Brand comes as a tablet (think big post-its). What I liked about MW is the roll allows you to create longer workspaces (vertically or horizontally), whereas the tablet has to be pieced together (Although the sheets are perforated, I didn’t have any issues with marker bleeding through to our white walls). The second factor was the the National Brand was almost impossible to erase the marking, leaving stains and smears. The Magic Whiteboard on the other hand, came off cleanly with just a dry cloth. I have already ordered another roll, and plan on keeping the office well-stocked!

“Reviewed By Mom” Blog

Reviewed By MomSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

  • “The Magic Whiteboard does everything it says it does…it sticks easily to the walls without damaging them (hooray!) and gives you a space saving area to work on.”
  • “I like that the sheets are reusable and we have used the pages (I have one up for each of the three kids) at least 5 or 6 times and they look like new.”

Tracey Becker

Tracey BeckerSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

We liked the @magicstaticwb Magic Whiteboard for our homeschooling projects. #homeschool

Deanna M, MarketDone

Deanna M, MarketDoneSource
Product: Magic Blackboard Blinds

@MagicStaticWB seriously considering cutting a square for the skytunnel we had installed that blinds me if I roll to the left past 7 a.m.

Zeta Agency

Zeta AgencySource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

Yesterday a minor tragedy unrolled itself in the Zeta office when we ran out of @MagicStaticWB. What did people do before this was invented?

Simpler Office

Simpler OfficeSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

Great for small office RT @officesupplygee Review of a very portable and convenient white board solution @MagicStaticWB Blog

Product: Magic Whiteboard

“This is definitely an innovative and useful product for many situations”

Stefanie Slater

Stefanie SlaterSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

@PremierBaby @MagicStaticWB Their products are awesome! Blog

Product: Magic Whiteboard

  • “I think these are great for adults and little ones. I also think it is a neat idea to use for covering a fridge.”
  • Talked about Whiteboard and Blackout Blind

Courtney Frazier

Courtney FrazierSource
Product: Magic Whiteboard

@MagicStaticWB revolutionary product!!!