“Reviewed by Mom” puts Magic Whiteboard up to the test!

March 30, 2012

Magic Whiteboard was put to the test this week in the bustling home of the full time professional mom from the blog “Reviewed by Mom.” This was an opportunity for the whiteboard to be put to use in a kid, craft, and activity driven home. When the verdict came in, Magic Whiteboard seemed to have passed with flying colors. As our blogging mom put it, “The Magic Whiteboard does everything it says it does…it sticks easily to the walls without damaging them (hooray!) and gives you a space saving area to work on.” The advantages of Magic Whiteboard did not stop with the walls, however. “I like that the sheets are reusable and we have used the pages (I have one up for each of the three kids) at least 5 or 6 times and they look like new.” The space efficiency and ability to reuse and recycle were some of the most enjoyable features for this mother and her children.

Magic Whiteboard is proud to be able to support the relentless work of mom’s. With the help of Magic Whiteboard Products, playtime everywhere just got easier, cleaner, and a whole lot more fun. Thank you for the review!

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