Maintain Bedtimes with Blackout Blind!

March 20, 2012

Magic Whiteboard was especially excited to hear from Vanessa Demeter, or “TallyMom” as she is known across the internet, seeking a solution to a lighting problem she has experienced recently in her home. While raising a 4 year old girl, as well as a newborn boy, the recent time change caused her quite a bit of commotion. In her house, “light = time to play,” and with an early bedtime for her youngsters, this was a problem. Her children began sleeping in, while wanting to stay up later at night to play. A quote taken from her daughter sums up her experience quite well, “Every day now, I see my clock says it’s time for day, but my window says it’s time for night.” This is the perfect situation to utilize the light blocking power of Magic Blackout Blind. Now bed time, as well as nap time, can no longer be a problem in the Demeter house.

Magic Whiteboard is happy to see our products affect people’s lives for the better. We are here to provide solutions to household and office problems. We enjoy creating a better situations, not only for Vanessa, but for thousands of people across the US and Canada.

Light causing problems in your house? Your problems can also be solved!