Magic Clearboard

June 27, 2012

We love hearing from our customers about how they’re using any of our products.  We recently heard from Chris Womack, who is using Magic Clearboard in his office at the Florida Center for Interactive Media.  Chris is a graphic designer who is juggling multiple projects at all times, and he has the Magic Clearboard up on the glass walls in his office for making notes & drawing up design concepts.  According to Chris, the Magic Clearboard does a great job of creating a dry erase writing surface he can move anywhere, but even with Magic Clearboard sheets up around his office he can still see through the glass whenever he needs to.

Sounds like a great use of Magic Clearboard, Chris!  We’ve heard of other customers using Clearboard to draw over blueprints, maps and pull-down charts in classrooms.  We love hearing that Magic Clearboard’s applications continue to grow, and we’re excited to hear even more ways our customers are using it.  Please let us know – how are you using your Magic Clearboard?