reviews Magic Whiteboard

December 19, 2011


Another week, another Mommy Blogger reviews Magic Whiteboard! is a prominent blog that lives by the mantra: “Kids are expensive… shopping for them doesn’t have to be.”  We at Magic Whiteboard agree wholeheartedly, and we believe Nichol from hit the nail on the head with many of the findings from her review of Magic Whiteboard.  We especially love hearing about how Magic Whiteboard was used as a tool to help her daughter learn to read.

“This product is genius and offers so much, not just for parents who teach their children but for anyone who may use whiteboards, whether that is teachers, businesses, families for reminders etc.  The product works as said, clings to the wall perfectly and can be used over and over.”  

Many thanks to Nichol for taking time to review Magic Whiteboard!  Click here to read the entire review.