Good Housekeeping Magazine recommends Magic Blackout Blind

June 3, 2011

In the November 2010 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine, the Good Housekeeping Institute recommends Magic Blackout Blind to their readers.

Magic Blackout Blind

The magazine encourages using Magic Blackout Blind to help stop light coming into children’s nurseries.

A reader writes in with this question – Our spare room doubles as a place for our six  month old granddaughter to sleep during the day. The curtains don’t block out enough light, however, so I’ve been pinning up dark sheets at the window. Have you come across a better solution?

Answer – Yes, we have. It’s called Magic Blackout Blind. What you get is a roll of black material, perforated to make 10 sheets, each measuring 24″  by 32″, that cling to the window using static. If the shape doesn’t fit your windows, the material can be cut with scissors. The Magic Blackout Blind material is re-useable. You can even fold it carefully to take traveling – and doesn’t leave marks when you peel it off. Our tester found that hardly attractive, the material was great at blocking out light in the nursery. It stuck to the window easily, staying in place even when the window was open.