Florida Mom Uses Magic Blackout Blind to Reduce Heat in House and Lower Electric Bill

November 1, 2011

Upon their creation, Magic Whiteboard was intended to be just that… a whiteboard. But once it was released to the public our innovative customers found new uses for our static sheets, and thanks to their feedback we broadened our product mix to include the Magic Blackout Blind.  Magic Blackout Blind can block either 100% or 80% of the light, and it adheres to any window using Magic Whiteboard’s patented static technology. 

Florida homeowner Trisha Cubbin used our 80% blackout blind and found very quickly that it paid for itself many times over. Using Magic Blackout Blind on her glass sliding doors she could instantly feel the difference in temperature, making the blazing Florida summer heat more tolerable. Trisha explained: “I have been taking them off at times to watch my dog and I was amazed how they go right back on!” Not only has she beaten the heat, but she has also beaten her electric bill, bringing it down $130 a month!!