Frequently Asked Questions for Magic Whiteboard

What is Magic Whiteboard?

Magic Whiteboard is a supercharged whiteboard on a roll that can be put up anywhere in seconds, and sticks with static. The magic lies in the statically charged polypropylene film that clings to almost any flat surface.  This film can be written on with dry erase markers and erased just like a standard whiteboard.

Is it difficult to remove Magic Whiteboard?

No. Magic Whiteboard uses electrostatic technology so that it clings to surfaces without the need for any adhesive or supports. Removing it is as simple as peeling it off the wall, rolling or folding it up and reusing it whenever you need it.

Will putting up a Magic Whiteboard damage my walls paint, wallpaper, wood, or any other surface?

Not a chance. Magic Whiteboard’s secret to sticking so well to surfaces lies in the statically charged polypropylene film. No residue, no marks, no damage.

Can you stick paper or photos to Magic Whiteboard?

Yes!  Paper, light notecards, and even pictures can stick to the sheets using the static cling of the Magic Whiteboard. For best results the pictures or cards should not be too heavy and should be smooth and flat, and the whiteboard should be placed on a smooth, flat wall.  Results differ based on exact application, but if undisturbed these items can stick to the Magic Whiteboard for weeks or months. The Magic Mini Sheets Roll, with their 4″ x 6″ individual sheets do the best job holding up 4″ x 6″ pictures.

What is the best way to apply Magic Whiteboard so that I can prevent air bubbles?

The best way to apply Magic Whiteboard, after tearing off your sheet from the roll, is to lay it against the wall of your choice and use your hands to do a swiping motion towards the corners of the Magic Whiteboard. This ensures there are no creases or air pockets and that you are provided with the smoothest whiteboard possible.  However since there is no adhesive on the back of Magic Whiteboard sheets you can smooth out bubbles and wrinkles very easily, or you can pick it up and reapply it as many times as you need.

Is the Magic Whiteboard erasable?

Yes. The Magic Whiteboard is fully erasable if written on with standard dry-erase markers.  Just like any dry erase board, the longer the marker stays on the sheet, the more difficult it may be to erase. We recommend that your work be erased within a week so that no permanent marks are left.

What should I use to erase?

Any soft cloth such as a tissue or paper towel works well, along with other standard dry erase board erasers. We also sell Magic Wipes which work especially well with our Magic Whiteboard Products.  If your work has been left on for a few days a damp cloth will also do the trick. Be sure not to use too damp of a cloth as the excess water is unnecessary and could affect some of the static cling of the whiteboard sheets.  Quick tip: if you find a stubborn mark that won’t come off, write over it with a dry erase marker and try erasing it again – the old mark should wipe right off.

How many times can it be reused?

The plain white version can be reused up to 20 times and the grid version more than 10 times. The exact number of times will depend on how you use and clean Magic Whiteboard. If you clean it with a damp cloth or whiteboard remover after use it will last longer.

Will the Static Cling wear down over time?

Magic Whiteboard sheets are not meant to be permanent whiteboards, although if a Magic Whiteboard is placed on a flat wall and left undisturbed it can stay up for many months.  But if it is continually put up and peeled off the wall it will lose its static cling more quickly. Results vary based on type of surface it is attached to, number of times it is put up and taken down, if there are creases or folds in the sheets, etc.  For best results keep the sheets away from dust or moisture, as these will reduce the static cling.

Can the sheets be folded up after use?

Yes, the Magic Whiteboard can be taken down and folded or rolled up after use, and put up again anywhere else you want.  If you want to save your work it is recommended that you choose the grid paper, as any work done on the grid paper will become permanent within a little over an hour and can only be erased if done with a damp cloth or eraser within 12. The original Magic Whiteboard was created so that ink is easy to erase without leaving marks and will rub off if folded up.

Can Magic Whiteboard still be effective if cut into smaller pieces?

Yes, Magic Whiteboard has perforated sheets that measure 31.5″ x 23.5″ that are easy to tear off, or Magic Whiteboard can be cut to any size and still work just as well. You can roll it out to make a whiteboard wall up to 65 feet long, or you can cut it down to any size you need.   We also sell a variety of sizes of whiteboard sheets, from full size rolls to small Mini Sheets , and even Letter-Sized Sheets.

Does Magic Whiteboard stick to textured surfaces?

Yes.  Textured surfaces make it more difficult to write smoothly on the whiteboard sheet, but Magic Whiteboard will stick to almost any hard surface, even if it is textured.  However if air is able to get behind the whiteboard sheet it may not stick as well as if it would on a completely smooth surface.

What are the Magic Whiteboard sheets made of?

Our Magic Whiteboard sheets are made of polypropylene film that has been statically charged. This static charge is what gives it its amazing ability to stick to any flat surface. The film comes on a 65 foot roll (25 sheet roll) with perforated lines so tearing the roll into smaller flip-chart-sized sheets is simple.

What colors of sheets does Magic Whiteboard Products offer?

We offer the classic Whiteboard, the Blackboard, the Clearboard, and the Blackout Blind.  The Magic Whiteboard Letter Size is available in Green, Pink and White.

Are Magic Whiteboards magnetic?

No, but you will find that it sticks to surfaces cleanly similar to how a magnet would a refrigerator.  Metal objects will not stick to the Magic Whiteboard, but pictures, cards and sheets of paper can usually stick to the whiteboard sheets using static.

What if I already have a traditional whiteboard or chalkboard?

We would say we feel sorry for not coming out with this amazing product sooner! Magic Whiteboards can be applied directly over their outdated cousins to change your old blackboard or chalkboard into a shiny new polypropylene surface that looks better than the original, at a fraction of the cost.  In order to ensure the best possible adhesion, make sure there is no lingering dust from the chalkboard or whiteboard before applying the Magic Whiteboard.

Are Magic Whiteboards safe for children to use?

Yes!  One of the main functions of Magic Whiteboards is for children to have a creative outlet where they can let their imaginations run wild. They are very child friendly and are a favorite of school districts, teachers and parents across the US, UK and Canada.

Where is the Magic Whiteboard Products headquarters?

We are located in Tallahassee, Florida’s beautiful capital city.

Can I hang up Magic Whiteboard outside?

Magic Whiteboard products are best saved for indoor use, although for short-term use they will work well outside as long as the whiteboard is applied on a flat, clean surface in an area without heavy wind.  Dust and static do not get along well, so in order to ensure the Magic Whiteboard stays in place as long as possible, keep it free of dust and dirt.

Is Magic Whiteboard environmentally friendly?

Yes! Magic Whiteboard is environmentally friendly and it is 100% recyclable. In addition each Magic Whiteboard sheet can be used and reused up to 20 times, which makes it more environmentally friendly than wasting all that flip chart paper.  One Magic Whiteboard roll contains 25 sheets that can be reused up to 20 times = 500 uses, which is clearly more green than throwing away 500 pieces of flip chart paper.

How many sheets come on a standard roll?

There are different sizes of rolls available, but the best-selling Magic Whiteboard roll consists of 25 perforated sheets. The roll is extremely light and easy to carry. One entire fully extended roll of Magic Whiteboard is over 65 feet long.  Gridded Magic Whiteboard and Magic Clearboard include 25 sheets, or 65 feet on a single roll.  The Magic Blackboard and Magic Blackout Blind each include 10 sheets per roll, equal to 25 linear feet or more than 50 square feet per roll.

What are the dimensions of each sheet?

Each Magic Whiteboard measures 23.5 by 31.5 inches, which is similar to the sizes of most flipcharts.

Where can Magic Whiteboard Products be shipped?

We ship anywhere in the US & Canada.

Do you have a video clip that shows how to use Magic Whiteboard?

Yes, we actually have a number of videos on the full range of Magic Whiteboard Products. These videos are in our media gallery.

Can I put my company’s logo on Magic Whiteboard?

We can accommodate special printing requests at large quantities.  Contact Magic Whiteboard for more details at 850-877-1200.

Where can Magic Whiteboard Products be purchased?

See our Retail Partners site to find retailers and websites offering our product line.  You can also purchase directly through our online store.

How much does each roll weigh?

Every Magic Whiteboard Products roll weighs under 2 lbs. This means that the rolls can be easily stored in carrying cases or car trunks, or can be carried onto an airplane.