Another exciting new addition to the Magic Whiteboard line of products!

January 20, 2012

In our continued effort to bring you new and innovative products, we are very excited to announce that we have a new item available – Magic Whiteboard Letter Sized Sheets! Much like our other products, Magic Whiteboard Letter Sized Sheets use static electricity to cling to any flat surface, residue free. Being A4 sized, approximately 8 ¼’’ x 11 ¾’’, these sheets are perfect for everything from projects for kids to leaving notes and reminders. They are even able to support pictures without the need for tape or thumbtacks! Has the time come to move or write another note? No problem! Simply erase your message, remove your Letter Sized Sheet from the wall, replace on another wall or fold it up and save for a later date. Magic Whiteboard Products are able to be reused over 20 times, and are recyclable!

Available at the low price of only $15.99, you will be able to enjoy 20 pages of our Letter Sized Sheets. We are excited about this addition to our product line and are extremely confident that you will enjoy these sheets as much as we do. Follow this link to purchase yours today!