Hang up your Pictures with Magic Sticky Notes!

April 13, 2012

One question we often hear at Magic Whiteboard Products is about the ability for our Magic Whiteboard sheets to be used to display pictures on the wall.  While pictures can adhere to the larger Magic Whiteboard sheets in the right environment, the best product we have for picture-hanging is our Magic Sticky Notes Roll.


Some customers are already using our Sticky Notes to hang pictures as a great alternative to putting holes in the wall with thumbtacks or using sticky tape or adhesive, which could damage the wall. By using our 4” x 6” Magic Sticky Notes, you are able to put pictures up on the wall with only the use of the Magic Whiteboard sheet and static electricity.  As part of our own research on these products we have found a few tips that should have your pictures sticking to the walls for months to come:


  • Make sure the picture being hung is smooth and flat
  • The wall it’s being placed on should also be smooth, flat and free of dust
  • Use only 4” x 6” pictures on the 4”x6” sheets for best results
  • Peel off a brand new 4” x 6” sheet of the Magic Sticky Notes roll and tear it at the perforated mark
  • Stick this sheet to the back of the picture, and then place the picture + sheet on the wall
  • Enjoy the view!
  • The longer this picture goes untouched, the longer the static electricity will keep it in place


As always with Magic Whiteboard, no sticky residue or marks will be left on the wall whatsoever. For more information about Magic Whiteboard, and to view our Sticky Note Roll, please click here!