Craig Larman Recommends Magic Whiteboard for Lean/Agile Workshops

January 9, 2012

Craig Larman is a well-known management consultant who provides high-level training around the world on Lean thinking and Agile methods, focusing on improving how organizations and teams function.  Craig has published many books on the subject, including his best-selling “Agile and Iterative Development: A Manager’s guide.”

Craig travels the world leading teams through his workshops, and he uses Magic Whiteboard as his preferred modeling, training and mind-mapping tool, calling it the “best solution I’ve seen.”  His teams utilize the Magic Whiteboard rolls to create “whiteboard areas” for students to work in.  Magic Whiteboard is a natural choice for this use due to its ability to stick anywhere using static, and by allowing students to write on the sheets, erase and rewrite over and over again.

Magic Whiteboard appreciates the work Craig Larman is doing around the world helping to make organizations stronger, and we are proud to contribute to making one aspect of this work possible.