ChicStyleModern blog reviews Magic Whiteboard

December 9, 2011

Magic Whiteboard was just reviewed by Stefanie Slater, who publishes the ChicStyleModern blog.  This blog is “the go-to-guide to all things chic and stylish for the modern mommasita toting little ones around,” and features words of wisdom from a stylish mom who’s always on-the-move.  Stefanie found Magic Whiteboard online and was drawn to it as a product that she believed would be ideal for her family and would be something her followers would enjoy learning more about.  Stefanie tested out Magic Whiteboard and here’s what she found:

“Came across this site, Magic Whiteboard Products, and I was very interested. My kids LOVE to draw, color, create items on paper and by using all sorts of tools. I have always searched for a dry erase board for them but never have been successful in finding anything I liked. Until now.”

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