Blackout Blind Versatility!

February 20, 2012

One fun thing about working at Magic Whiteboard Products is hearing about all the fun, interesting ways our customers are using our products.  It seems like every time Magic Whiteboard is presented to a new audience, original ways to use it are uncovered.  We’ve even found this to be true with the Magic Blackout Blind.  Sure, it’s a great solution for blacking out the light, but check out these smart ways our customers are using the Magic Blackout Blind today:  

1)  Sleep!  – The most common feedback we hear is about babies and toddlers sleeping longer thanks to Magic Blackout Blind blocking out the light in their room.  But we also hear about the Blackout Blind being used to help a wide range of people stay asleep longer such as night shift workers, college students, teenagers, parents, workers on oil rigs and in Alaska where the sun doesn’t set.  

2) Watching & Making Movies – Blackout Blind is being used in home theater rooms today to help keep any light from streaming in the window while watching a movie.  We’ve also talked to filmmakers and photographers using Magic Blackout Blind to help control the lighting in the studios where they are filming.  

3)  Protection – Yes, that’s right, protection. The Blackout Blind is being used in Europe to eliminate the ability to see in store window while the store is closed. This began when rioting and looting began in London and store owners needed a way to temporarily block their items from view. This has translated into people using the Blackout Blind to prevent people from looking into their homes as well.

4) Energy Savings – As a Florida company we know how quickly direct sun can heat up a room, and it’s no surprise that many customers are using Magic Blackout Blind to help control their energy bills by blocking the sun in warmer months.  We’ve heard of energy savings of up to $130/month in the summer as a result of the Magic Blackout Blind on some key windows in the house.  

5) Privacy – We talked to a customer recently who has a window in their front hallway that is odd-shaped, and until Blackout Blind they couldn’t find a good solution for blocking this window to keep neighbors from seeing into their house.  They cut the Blackout Blind sheets to the exact size & shape of this window, and they finally achieved the privacy they’ve been looking for.  

This list of uses for Magic Blackout Blind and Magic Whiteboard never ends, and we love hearing from our customers about how these products are solving problems for them at home and beyond. How are you using your Magic Blackout Blind & Magic Whiteboard sheets?