Alzheimer’s Society using Magic Mini Sheets to help people with dementia

August 3, 2011

We are delighted that the Alzheimer’s Society of the UK is stocking Magic Mini Sheets Rolls and telling patients with dementia and caregivers across the UK about them. The Alzheimer’s Society believes Magic Mini Sheets will be really useful for dementia patients who can use them to write notes and reminders and for labeling things.

Magic Mini Sheets

Magic Mini Whiteboard Sheets are erasable and reusable self adhesive notes that stick using static . Write on them with a dry erase marker, wipe clean and reuse. Magic Sticky Notes are very useful for leaving notes and reminders around the home. They leave no marks on any surfaces including walls, doors and windows.

Magic Sticky Notes Mini Roll contains 50 perforated sheets in a convenient mini roll. Sheets measure 4″ x 6″. Each pack includes a free dry whiteboard marker pen. Only $12.99 for 50 sheets.