Advances in Whiteboards

April 6, 2012

Chalk pants and beating erasers are a thing of the past as the whiteboard has taken over the classroom and office scene. With the advancements in technology, learning how you can benefit from these developments may change the way you do present forever.

We are all familiar with the classic dry-erase whiteboard seen in schools and businesses for years, however, progress has been made to accommodate consumer needs. This progress has been seen in simple ways such as lining the whiteboard for music teachers, or adding grids for charts and plotting. However, other advances have a little more research and development behind them. There is now whiteboard that comes on a roll with the ability to stick to virtually any surface using static electricity. This creates the opportunity to bring a whiteboard with you on the go, eliminating the traditional bulky and permanent alternative.

The most prominent example of advancements in whiteboard technology led to the invention of a new product; the interactive whiteboard. The idea behind this new type of whiteboard is to utilize the internet and computers to advance the capabilities of the whiteboard. A projector is used to display whatever image or presentation you choose on the whiteboard while a special pen (in most cases) is used to control the presentation. The pen gives you the ability to make notes on the presentation, zoom in, save, navigate web pages, control learning exercises, etc. Teachers especially have found these interactive boards useful in the classroom. They are able to display the textbook on the board, play interactive games to help focus the attention of the students, as well as accommodate all learning styles simultaneously. When looking into getting your next whiteboard, it is important to consider the possibilities technology has made available to you.