A Creative Easter Use for Magic Blackout Blind

April 20, 2012

Here at Magic Whiteboard we love hearing about new & creative ways our customers are using our products.  One brilliant use we just heard about comes from Suzann Broxson from The Pentecostal Church in DeQuincy, Louisiana.


As the church was preparing for a big Easter presentation they wanted to black out the light coming into their sanctuary.  The church was struggling to find something that could be a temporary cover for all of the glass panels in the doors leading into the sanctuary.  But when Suzann discovered Magic Blackout Blind she knew she found the answer.


The church mobilized a team of cutters to cut their Magic Blackout Blind rolls down to 135 12”x10” blackout squares.  They used each of these squares to cover up every panel on the glass doors.  And since Magic Blackout Blind sticks with static and won’t damage the windows, they just placed them on the windows, kept them up throughout the Easter festivities, and took them off when they were no longer needed.  According to Suzann, “The really neat thing is that it has been put up and taken down on multiple occasions and is still doing great. Even after getting rumpled and smoothed back out it works like a charm!”


We’re so happy to hear that Magic Blackout Blind provided The Pentecostal Church with the answer they were looking for, and helped contribute to the success of their Easter weekend.  Thanks for sharing Suzann!